Our Story

We’ve always believed that when it’s time to relax, nothing compares to lying back and soothing your senses with a little touch of luxury. It sets you free, puts you at ease and instantly makes you feel at home. The only problem is knowing where to look…


When we started searching we soon realised that looking further afield was the only way to find what we were looking for. We began immersing ourselves in the culture of Dubai, introducing our senses to the finest home fragrances and most luxurious perfume oils the region had to offer, and we’ve never looked back.


The result is Oudhini — an online boutique that allows anyone to bring the magical luxury of Dubai direct to their door with nothing more than the click of a button. Whether you shop oriental fragrances like Oudh and Bakhoor, incense burners, or something for the home, we’ll bring it direct to you in style.


It just works better that way.